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Simple, economical and just plain good.  A great sandwich is something we will always remember... Think about all the places that are "must-stops" on any road trip.  What are they usually selling?  Philly's Cheesesteaks, New York's Pastrami Reubens, New Orleans Muffalettas.  All unique except that they are all served between two slices of bread!

Sandwiches are one of those culinary items that we tend to overlook as too simple.  Most recipes focus on extravagant meals that may take less than 30 minutes to make, but at the very least require a plate, fork and knife in order to enjoy.  All we need for a sandwich is one hand (and if it's a good sandwich, the other hand will be filled with napkins).  Perhaps some people say that sandwiches are too much an everyday item.  Shouldn't that be more reason to celebrate the sandwich - what could be better than something all of us can and do enjoy so often!

People tend to misunderstand the reason Italians have such a strong love of food.  It is not necessarily a love of the food itself (although that's high on the list).  Instead it is what food does for us - it nourishes us, it brings people together and it serves as a link from the past to the present and to our future.

This is what Skappo Family Kitchen represents for our family.  Our Sandwich Spreads allow us the opportunity to share with everyone our traditions as well as our new ideas.  And all of this with the most democratic and humble food we all share - the sandwich!

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