Our Story!

Skappo Family Kitchen brings to you our family's love for the wonders of nature, along with a passion for our culture.  How better to share this, we thought, than through food?

In 2004, our family came back to New Haven, Connecticut and opened our restaurant, Skappo.  Our mom grew up in Assisi, Italy, so our focus was on Umbrian cuisine.  In 2008, we opened our sandwich shop, Skappo Merkato, just around the corner. We decided to take a uniquely American meal - the sandwich - and use Italian inspired ingredients to fill it.   

Skappo Family


This was the birth of Skappo Family Kitchen sandwich spreads.  Lunch in Italy has always been a memorable experience... so memorable one often needs a nap afterwards!  We were determined to bring that same enthusiasm for a midday meal here to the United States.  We set to work creating our own spreads to enhance each of our sandwiches.

 We then began to sell our spreads in local farmers' markets.  People can now enjoy our recipes at home with their families and friends, and create new recipes and memories together.  It continues to be an immensely rewarding adventure, and we hope that you join us along our journey!



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